With the Betasonic Ultrasonic Measuring System, engineers have an uncomplicated device at hand that can be used for the fast and precise failure detection for a variety of car defects.

These include:

  • Car body leads: wind noises, water penetration
  • Rattling and knocking noises on car body and chassis
  • Mechanical defects and bearing damages
  • Defects in the ignition system
  • Defects in injection nozzles, valves and tappets
  • Inleaked air intake and exhaust area

There is a constant demand in many industrial workshops to have an uncomplicated device at hand that can be used for the fast and precise detection of noises, leaks and a great variety of similar defects.

To meet this need, we offer the Betasonic 1000 M ultrasonic measuring device as an essential piece of workshop equipment.

Wind noises, draughts or water penetration around windows, bonded panes, doors, boot lids, sunshine roofs, tail lights, license plate fittings, fuel filler necks, trim strips, roof strips, antennas, and leaking welded seams after accidents are all car body problems which can be examined with the Betasonic 1000 M.

Rattling and knocking noises are troublesome and time consuming to locate in a vehicle’s engine compartment. The human ear only has a poor direction capacity which the betasonic overcomes with its strong directivity and amplifying capacity enabling exact localization of the faintest noises – even behind covers.

Leaking connections, loose hose clamps, porous or damaged vacuum hoses as well as defective seals can be clearly recorded with the receiver when the engine is running. In addition numerous leaks in the exhaust area are often the cause for bad emission values if they develop in front of the lambda sensor and again a simple scan with the directional probe easily identifies the leaks.

Using the solid tip transducer defective engine bearings can be identified as can increased noises caused by tight fitting pistons or even defective transmissions and differentials. Without the need to remove the parts a simple scan also finds defective injection nozzles, valves and tappets.

Damages and noises caused by defective steering mechanism (including power-assisted systems) v-belts, toothed belts, timing chains, water pump and generator or by vibration of loose pipes, screws, bolts and the like can also be detected with the betasonic.

With an insulated directional probe defects in the ignition system such as cable partings and defective distributors can be immediately detected.

The range of usage is obviously immense and not limited to just automotive applications but with a power amplified transmitter the betasonic can be considered by industrial companies involved with vessels, large containers and even aircraft and aeronautical applications.

We can supply you with bespoke machinery, hand tools and workshop equipment for all sections of industry.

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