The Weber products are manufactured in Denmark and Germany and as such high quality equipment is assured meeting all the demanding MOD and industrial technical and quality standards.

The range incorporates manual-hydraulic and air-hydraulic jacks to suit cars, service vans, buses and trucks, agricultural machinery and contractors' machines. High lifting, low clearance and even portable options are possible.

Jacking beams and pit jacks for inspection centres and workshops which are suitable for many lifting operations complement the range. Added to that both fold-away and heavy duty workshop cranes as well as transmission jacks and wheel trolleys offer the widest solution to the workshop needs.

Truck workshops and heavy industry can also obtain hydraulic presses of up to 100 ton pressure and with 300mm long stroke for dealing with demanding jobs.

Bottle jacks and drum trolleys add to the impressive range and not to be forgotten at the really serious end of the market are wheel trolleys for aircraft wheels and air-hydraulic jacks for the main landing gear and nose landing gear of all major commercial aircraft.

We can supply you with bespoke machinery, hand tools and workshop equipment for all sections of industry.

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